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9 Steps of Digitization and Records Management - Version 3.0



 Consulting Services -  Heath Check-up of an organizations document management

 Documents health check-up by experts

 Document Preparation

 Unbinding and / or De-Pinning

 Binding and / or Pinning

 Physical Document Preparation

 Document Digitization

 Scanned Images in various formats - Standard PDF / Searchable PDF /   PDF/A 

 Image Quality check

 Scanned Documents Reconciliation

I mage Enhancement

 Data Capturing

 Image Processing through OCR / ICR / OMR

 Data Validation and correction after above processes


 Consulting on Indexing Fields

 Document Indexing

 Indexed Data Accuracy Check

 Information Management

 Providing data Uploading on customer's existing DMS

 Document Management System - Therefore 

 Therefore Integration with SAP

 Therefore Integration with MS Sharepoint

 Documents Storage

 Secured Pickup of physical records

 Secured Storage

 Retrieval of physical documents as and when Required

 Delivery of Requested Retrieval

 Secured Destruction after the completion of document life cycle

 Documents Destruction

 Secured Document Destruction and environment friendly disposal of waste material