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What are the reasons to invest in Canon DICOM paper printing?

  • Simplified workflow and smooth integration – Canon DICOM solution is compatible with the DICOM 3.0 standard. It fits seamlessly into existing workflows, and there is no need for special training as it is operated just like a film printer. The solution helps eliminate the need for special printing, handling, storage, transportation, and other infrastructure needed for film, thereby simplifying work process, leading to faster results and higher acceptance.
  • Excellent image quality – The solution receives DICOM images from a modality, and then prints them on Canon IRC3020 printer. To achieve near-film quality prints with depth and detail, the hardware and software have been optimised for medical imagery, ensuring deep, saturated blacks. You can further fine-tune the print quality through the simple user interface.
  • Better record-keeping – Paper prints are easier to store and transport as compared to films, making them easily accessible. Paper can be annotated easily as well. Moreover, paper prints are quite durable, since they are less light-sensitive than films.
  • Remarkable cost-savings – Canon DICOM solution helps you reduce medical image printing costs by around 50%, compared to traditional film-based solution. From beginning till the end, working with film is expensive and labour-intensive. Replacing film with paper allows you to share images with minimal expense. You also save on compliance and other environmental costs, associated with the usage of chemical-based film.
  • No investment, just pay per print – With Canon  DICOM paper printingsolution, you just pay for what you print. This ensures no heavy investments in expensive medical image printers, and no ongoing expenditure on consumables.
  • Dedicated customer service and support – As a part of our commitment to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, Canon DICOM printing is available with best-in-class service and support. A dedicated and qualified technical team is there to help resolve any issues that may arise with our solution.
  • Environmentally safe – Because Canon DICOM printing reduces the need for chemical based film processing and equipment, and because the prints can be shredded and recycled, it will help you minimise the environmental impact of your daily operations.